Prince of Peace

Your Soul

Death is the greatest certainty for every person. Many people doubt that there will be something left of us at death. Others even say for sure that there is nothing after death. Others say that something of us remains after death. They call it "yourself", "that which makes you unique" or: your soul. Now everything that lasts for a long time is well put together. The longer something exists, the better it is built. Therefore, a soul that lives infinitely long must be perfect.

Your conscience

When you do something that is really wrong, you sometimes have a bad feeling deep down. We can call it "conscience." This conscience is the contact with our soul. Every time you do something wrong, it gives a black spot of imperfection on your soul. When we are at a family celebration or with our best friends, they can tell us that they have not forgotten what we did wrong many years ago. That is why we carry our imperfections with us.