Prince of Peace


The word sin today sounds very old-fashioned. We all know that this is something you should not do. Moreover, we know that many small things that we do sometimes contain errors. We sometimes exceed the traffic rules and manners with others. Because our society has increasingly taken human weaknesses into account over the centuries, the seriousness of sin has been lost. Until the last century it was a bad thing when someone was known as a sinful person. Nowadays, thanks to improved communication and advertising, the concept of sin has become a sales term.

Occasionally we buy an ice cream called 'Seven deadly sins', available in the flavors Lust, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Jealousy, Revenge and Vanity.

Encouragement to enjoy life, because every now and then everyone made a mistake. But the word sin not only has the meaning of an old-fashioned way to describe weaknesses and human shortcomings. It is an extremely serious term that is the cause of every suffering and every possible problem in our world.

Sin is a spiritual fact

Sin is a serious spiritual fact. The situation in the world and human society is certainly not ideal. On the contrary, it is full of injustice and suffering. Mankind tries to fight this from the very beginning. Many human lives were lost too early in the struggle for these ideals. The new social order that came has failed to achieve its goal every time: to set up a perfect society where everyone can live happily. In history we can see how much misery and oppression took place and how much injustice there was from decision makers. As a result, people are hurt, injured and hurt. The common thread throughout history is that people were never satisfied in a period of history. Interestingly, although the social standard of living has risen in Western culture, people are still complaining about the continuing moral decline. Everyone can remember the discussions between young and old.